Volunteer Applications Open


To offer free coding education to 1 million women by 2020.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

  • Education
    • 24 Assets framework in practice
    • How to work effectively in a remote team: the opportunity to work remotely in a global team is important for future programmers or project managers. Volunteering on 1MWTT may be a good start.
    • Fun all-woman teams
  • Access
    • Free Gold Membership for you, or if you already have Gold or VIP, then for somebody you care about
    • First access to new opportunities that come within the 1 Million Women To Tech sisterhood
    • First access to investment down the road
  • Meaning
    • Leave a legacy
    • Be part of an elite peer-group
    • Change the lives of 1 million women, their communities, and the world


Levels of Commitment

Confirmed Volunteers

Volunteers who commit at least 10 hours per week consistently and are confirmed by the Leadership Committee’s vote will be awarded a Volunteer Certificate and given leadership role, meaning that they can have decision making power.

This level of leadership position requires consistency, reliability, adherence to deadlines, and if circumstances come up where you cannot complete tasks that you take measures in advance to find, train, and delegate to your replacements.

Casual Helpers

Volunteers who are unable to spend more than 5 hours per week consistently but would still love to help out are invited to apply as Casual Volunteers who can jump in to a task pool and pick up small tasks here and there to help out. This is also very meaningful and makes a huge difference in everyone’s lives, but has much smaller commitment, because you only commit on a task-by-task basis, rather than long-term.

Note: Please note that if a Confirmed Volunteer’s circumstances change for whatever reason she may chose to or be asked to become a Casual Helper and give a chance to someone else to take her role. A Casual Helper who finds that she would like to take on more responsibility may also chose to or be invited to become a Confirmed Volunteer. It’s important to keep flexibility so that both of us individually can be happy, and the whole organization can remain solid and reliable.


How To Apply


  1. Read or listen to the 24 Assets book by Daniel Priestly. Here is a free Audible invite, or you can get it via a free Amazon Kindle Unlimited trial. Or you can get your own copy as we’ll be using this framework for the coming years.
  2. Watch the video walk-through from Week 3 Summary Video on how we plan to implement this framework for the non-profit 1millionwomentotech
  3. Choose one of the Rapid Action Items (RAI) that inspires you the most and you have the most skill and capability to implement and write a Passion Letter (our version of Pain Letter) about it.


  1. Create free account: navigate to My Account (https://1millionwomentotech.com/my-account/). Go to Register add your Email address by adding your email and click Register. It will log you in automagically.
  2. Navigate to Jobs – and choose your top choice. Please only submit one application, if you have interest in more than once position include that in your Passion Letter 😉
  3. Click Apply for this job
  4. Fill in the fields, take your time. If you are interested in more than one position, explain that inside your Passion Letter section, and list out all the jobs you are passionate about 🙂 <3
  5. There are two buttons, use the upper button click Send application. (Ignore the lower one, it is for saving resumes to use in the future.)

If you are more visual you can see the video instructions on how to apply.

Application Window

Applications open at 12 noon on Monday 20th of August, 2018 and close at midnight Monday 27th of August, 2018 (British Time).

Selection Process

  • The Volunteer Leadership Committee will read each application
  • Those shortlisted will be contacted on Discord for follow-up, clarification, and discussion
  • Those selected will be invited by a Volunteer Leader, where your weekly meeting and accountability cadence will be set up and discussed
  • A one-day weekend remote bonding day will be held, that you must attend live, where we do team activities to make sure that everyone knows everyone else, and is enthusiastic and comfortable reaching out, helping out, and giving and receiving feedback across all team and all assets.