Unique Philosophies

Kindness & Truth

Truth without Kindness is violent. Kindness without Truth is wishy-washy. So we treasure the Truth but always with Kindness in mind. We need Kindness but it is useless without Truth and honesty.

Kindness is a consequence of the truth, and the beauty is a consequence of kindness

Leo Tolstoy

Code like a girl

Bring your feminine side to the coding process. Because the world needs it. Funny, not boring. Brave, not perfect. Show up every day and prove them wrong.

A girl should be two things. WHO and WHAT she wants.

Coco Chanel

Non-refundable magic

In the world of hard cold cash, we turn your donations into opportunities. We take soulless objects and turn them into real-deal live-changing success stories. And no, we don’t have a refund policy for magic.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Jonathan Swift

Global Unity

We are united not only by being the same species or gender. But also by the spirit which helps us break down the borders and wipe away differences. Only by uniting Globally can we reach our Mission.

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.

Felix Mendelssohn


Every woman has the power inside her that she’s aware of. But only does it reveal itself when combined with alike power of a fellow woman. Our version: United we win, one by one they can oppress us.

United we stand, divided we fall

US state motto