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Closing the pay gap, giving women equality in the workforce, and building a technology future that is equally good for all genders are big goals, and with YOUR HELP we can achieve it TOGETHER!

Please find below our announcements and invitations to participate in the Summer of Code, so that you can easily share them on Social Media, in print at your department, university or place of work, or any other channel. If you don’t find something that would be useful, please let us know and we will make it for you!




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A4 poster


Design: our amazing Volunteer @Sabiha Shaik
Text: Many SOC participants who gave amazing feedback inside the Women Helping Women Coders Facebook Group
Social Media Icons: – Pixel Perfect
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Rich with text, including course menu and more details, the backside is for Employers as potential sponsors. Can be printed single sided or double sided. Download here.



Letter size poster




From: Your Name [mailto:]
To: Name of the Director of University Career Services
Subject: Exciting Free ‘Women in Tech’ Training Initiative from Oxford – Summer of Code

Attach the following three files: light poster, dark poster, 2-sided full poster

Email body:

This Oxford postgrad (with a decade of software engineering experience in the Silicon Valley) is starting an exciting free initiative to get more women coding. 12 week programme outlined below, combining self-directed learning and weekly hack-challenges.

Social Media signup is going very well – they’re aiming for 10,000 pre-registrations and after just 2 months is at 6,500…this could be something for the women in your university.

Do please feel free to circulate – and thank you in advance.

Have a great weekend

Your name

Do you know an amazing woman? Do you want to learn to code for free? Are you a programming pro who wants to build cool stuff and win at weekly and monthly hackathons? Do you want to get a job in tech?

Join us for 3 months of free courses. The best part? It’s all done online so you can join from anywhere in the world. 12 weeks of free coding courses brought to you from Oxford by “Oxford Entrepreneurs” and “1 Million Women To Tech”.

Join 6,000+ women from 100+ different countries and 200+ universities. 


WHAT: Summer of Code by 1 Million Women To Tech

WHEN: July 14 – October 14, 2018

WHERE: University of Oxford and ONLINE, Worldwide

WHO: Women and Enbies

AGES: any

SKILL LEVEL: any – from total beginner to PhD in Computer Science, and beyond

Men are unfortunately not allowed to join, but are welcome to share!

Learn more and pre-register here

Please share widely.


Here is the course list:

Week 1: Introduction to Python

Week 2: Python the hard way

Week 3: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Week 4: Introduction to AI

Week 5: Introduction to JavaScript

Week 6: Advanced JavaScript

Week 7: Build your first app in 7 days

Week 8: React.JS

Week 9: Intro Blockchain

Week 10: Virtual Reality

Week 11: Augmented Reality

Week 12: Surprise!

~30 days left to apply. Invite your friends to join for free.


SOC Team

P.S.: Please invite others who may benefit from these free coding courses this summer, we made you a Sharing is Caring page where you can easily grab the most popular Facebook, Twitter, A4 poster, and email templates to share. xoxo <3 <3 <3 The benefit to you is that the more people sign up from your locale the more likely you will be admitted.

Are you hiring?

If you’re open to new ways of generating many, highly qualified female software engineering applications to your open jobs, and talented young women and returners eager to do a technical apprenticeship program, I would love to meet with you to discuss this further.

Please do drop us a line if you’re happy to have an initial conversation, please get in touch here before July 1st, but the earlier the better. If you send us a direct contact number, we’ll happily call and we can arrange to speak or meet.

Should you have anything else you need to know, feel welcome to ask on our Facebook page @ 1millionwomentotech. Thank you and see you during the Summer of Code! 🙂



Other Languages WANTED

Do you speak another language? While the Summer of Code will require basic English fluency both in spoken and written English, we realize that gathering interest among women in other countries will be much easier if the call-to-action is done in the local language. Please help us translate, if you can. Submit your translation below, then we will add them to this page for all to share. Each accepted translator will receive a personal 1-on-1 career coaching session for 30 minutes free of charge by one of the software engineers who support the Summer of Code as a thank you.

  • Which language did you translate the material into?
  • Which type or channel is this for? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, LinkedIn, something else?
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: png, jpg.
      If you have skills, feel free to upload a graphic with your translation and we will promote it. Max 1MB. PNG or JPG.
    • Let us know if you have any other comments or suggestions, we love to hear from you!


    This we forget anything? Do you have an idea for something better? Please post in the Women Helping Women Coders group and we will add it here! Thank you for all of you who have already contributed ideas, designs and are building your local communities!

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