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About this course

Interested in Programming? Brand new to Python? The following course would be a great choice for you. We will help you begin coding immediately.

Table of Contents

Session 0: Installing Python. Notes

This session we introduce the basics of Python and how to install it.

Session 1:  Variables, Strings, Functions, If, For. Video + Slides + Notes

After installing Python, we can launch a piece of software called IDLE. We write strings in IDLE and Python programs store data in variables. We also introduce function which is a piece of code available to be reused in different contexts. Then we move to If Statement and For loops.

Session 2: While loops, Recursion. Video + Slides + Notes

This session, we go through Binary search algorithm such as While loops. We also introduce Functions such as Recursion.

Session 3: Lists. Video + Slides + Notes

In this session, we look at lists which are ordered collections of values and go into details about Sorting lists. Different exercises are also covered.

Session 4: Dictionaries. Video Slides + Notes

Dictionaries are introduced in this session. These are another fundamental data structure and compared to lists, dictionaries are indexed by keys, not integers.

Session 5: Stacks. Video + SlidesNotes

In the last session, we look at how we can use a list as a stack and wrap up the whole course.

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Acknowledgement: Oxford University CompSoc. 

The Oxford University Computer Society (CompSoc) was founded in 1978, and hosts talks from technology companies regularly and provides  introductory programming courses.

With Oxford Entrepreneurs, we will open the course on July 14th London time at the Oxford Inspires.

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