Advanced JavaScript

Course overview

Already learnt the basic knowledge of JavaScript? Ready for the next-step study? Why not try Advanced JavaScript course?

We cover how to debug JavaScript problems and improve performance.  Interactive webpages using third-party JavaScript libraries can also be created if you would like to !

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Course introduction

We introduce how prototypal inheritance compares to classical inheritance, and how this can be used to build dynamic web applications. We discuss Modern tools like jQuery and BackboneJS, and learn the building blocks of these frameworks. We mainly  focus  on  browsers development in this course.

Main topics:

  • Encapsulation, closures and scope
  • Classical vs. prototypal inheritance
  • The event loop
  • AJAX and JSONP
  • Creating MVC-style models
  • Test- and Pseudocode-Driven Development

Acknowledgement: Github.


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