Spammer Banned

In the last two weeks some of you might have received a disturbing email or a message from someone called Sarkar Suvo. It might be even more disturbing, because it looked like the email has been sent from 1 Million Women To Tech address. However we want to assure you that it was a regular spam.

We are aware that it shouldn’t have happened at all. And we apologize, first of all, that you received it at all. Again: it should not happen.

Also some of you might feel insecure because we’ve received many questions if such message means that their personal data has been stolen. So we want to assure you that no personal data has been stolen, taken over or published. This fake account registered on our site and sent spam as private messages, which, if you have turned on notifications, will have also sent you an email copy.

This user abused the social element of our website, which allows for peer-to-peer private messaging. Your information is safe, and secure, they didn’t gain access to anyone’s information. However, the email content is spam so please do NOT respond.

Instead, make real friends, and send real messages to other genuine women on the site who are learning with you.

The steps we took were as followed:

  • We banned this particular account. It prevented it from sending more messages.
  • The account has been also deleted.
  • We have installed an additional tool to block any spammers. However we’re aware that they become more and more advanced, so are we.

What we also want you to know is that we treat the security issues very seriously. And even that there is just four of us, when it comes to choose between convenience/automation and security, we choose security.

Thank you for everybody who sent us screenshots and helped us catch this rogue user early and quickly! xoxo <3

Yours Truly,
The small 1MWTT Team