Self-Care Week


Week 7 August 27 – 31 Self-care Week

In discussion with live attendees from the VIP and Gold Members and the Leadership Committee, it was decided that a week of break going to be inserted after Week 6 – Advanced JavaScript. You can use it to recharge, refresh, recode, or study ahead. Please note, there will be NO classes, however Discord will continue to be active!

Specifically this means that the contents of

  • Week 7, 8, and 13 changed
  • Week 9, 10, 11, and 12 remain unchanged.

Schedule Update

Week 7 was Mobile Prototyping, now it’s Self-care Week.
Week 8 was React.js, now it’s Mobile Prototyping Week.
Week 13 had no classes previously, it was just overflow time to use for the last hackathons, now the React.js Week.

Week 9, 10, 11, and 12 remain unchanged.

In short, a week break is added, mobile app moved down from week 7 to 8, and react.js moved down from week 8 to 13. That’s it. See below.

Naming credits ūüôā

Virginia Balseiro Self-care week
Marta Bodojra‚Äč Rest and empower week!
Rox Arten‚Äč Self Grounding and Empowerment
Gillian Newton‚Äč “Week of Sanity” “Week of Empowerment”, “Re-factor Your Code”
Krystal‚Äč Re-Code Week?
Catch-up week (Ketchup week)
Paula Bernal Inner Coding Week
Bituin Callanta‚Äč Recalibration Week


The first benefit of a self-care week is that you have time for yourself and your coding.

There will be **NO** classes during this week, however, you are welcome to continue on material from previous weeks or to study ahead.

The second benefit is that the deadlines of the Week 6 hackathon and the Month 2 hackathon to reflect the addition of a week’s time.

The third benefit is that Week 8 will be the mobile app prototyping week and you will have until Week 13 to giving you 5 weeks instead of just 1 week polish your mobile app, and work on your JavaScript skills before we dive into React.js. This is perhaps the greatest benefit.


Quotes from Members


Rox Arten‚ÄčI am ever so grateful for the new schedule i think my brain really needs a small break from constant coding to let some of the info properly filter into place‚Ě£

Nwamaka Okafor‚ÄčThe break is awesome. I have so much catch up on after taking 2 weeks break

Rox Arten‚ÄčI really love the community & material, I might suggest considering putting the break week between python and JS next time, It could be just me, but the gear switch when still just learning….
Gillian Newton‚ÄčI agree @Rox Arten
Virginia Balseiro‚Äč@Rox Arten that’s a good idea. I like it that’s right in the middle of the 12 weeks though.
Rox Arten‚Äčis a bit harsh and the break would help finish off one and gear up for the other with the speed of both. Otherwise, I think what is being covered is amazing