Winter Of Data 2019


An 8-week global program focused on bringing more women and enbies into data science. Womxn take free online coding courses and work in teams on programming challenges. Gold memberships (paid) provide Mentoring, Certificate and Support, and a whole year of access to #SummerOfCode and #WinterOfData courses. VIP memberships (paid) offer 1-on-1 and group coaching on top of Gold benefits and lifetime access.

Where: Online, Worldwide – published at
When: Jan 14 – Apr 7, 2019
Who: 9,000+ women and still counting



Daily Data: 69 short 2-min videos introducing a basic Probability and Statistics concept.

The first lecture of each of the week-long courses are free, as well as the Topic 6 course.

See the course menu below:






DIY, Gold, VIP are the three levels of Individual Memberships.

1 Woman To Tech Circle, 1 Thousand Women To Tech Circle, and 1 Million Women To Tech Circle are Organizational Memberships (coming soon).


You decide how little or how much time you wish to spend. Most women will fall into one of three self-chosen categories:

Which one are You?


Daily Data is open to everyone and is free. It will be simulcast on the 1 Million Women To Tech Facebook Page and on the 1 Million Women To Tech YouTube channel, Mondays through Fridays from 6:00-6:02 AM Pacific Time.

Datathons are open to everyone, and are free.

The courses are ran every other week Mondays through Fridays 6:15-7:00 AM Pacific Time via Zoom Webinar (you will need the free Zoom client and account) with the first course starting on January 15, 2019.

  • Topics 1 – 3 are for Gold Members and above
  • Topics 4 – 5 are for VIP Members
  • Topic 6 is a Surprise and will be revealed, and will be open to everyone including VIP Members, Gold Members, and DIYers.

The Monday lectures for all Topics will be free and open to everyone and will remain open to give a taste for the course to anyone who joins later.


Python track

In general Python is used in Data Science, it is also a great teaching language. Following the ‘tradition’ of the #SummerOfCode the coding examples will be done in Jupyter Notebook. You can use the basic Python interpreter you get in Jupyter to do all the exercises. We recommend installing Jupyter Notebook via Anaconda, which includes Python.

JavaScript track

For those who are either from, or more interested in, a web application development career – and I personally think the barrier to entry is the lowest with JavaScript and therefore the shortest way for career changers into the industry – we will be also using iJavascript the JS kernel for Jupyter Notebook. We recommend installing Jupyter Notebook via Anaconda. Besides being the language of the web, both a front and back-end language, data visualization in JS is interactive, unlike with Python. If you are unsure which track to do, choose this one. (Disclaimer: the installation is a bit harder though to be honest.)

Java track – experimental

As many large enterprises are using Java, if you prefer to do any of your homework in Java, we will accept that. This is unsupported but you are welcome to experiment with various Java kernels for Jupyter.



  • Learners and Earners must be women or non-binary, we reserve the right to turn away anyone we cannot confirm or find it difficult to
  • Abide by the Community Rules, Zero Tolerance Non-Harrassment Policy, No-Unapproved Cross Promotion Policy


Sun, Jan 13Orientation and Kickoff Webinar
Week 1: Jan 14 - 18Course: Topic 1 - Exploratory data analysis
Week 2: Jan 21 - 25Datathon
Week 3: Jan 28 - Feb 1Course: Topic 2- Descriptive statistics
Week 4: Feb 4 - 8Datathon
Week 5: Feb 11 - 15 Course: Topic 3 - Estimation
Week 6: Feb 18 - 22Datahon
Week 7 : Feb 25 - Mar 1Course: Topic 4 - Hypothesis testing
Week 8: Mar 4 - 8
March 8: International Women's Day Webinar
Fri March 8: International Women's DaySpecial Giveaways
Week 9: Mar 11 - 15Course: Topic 5 - Design of experiments
Week 10: Mar 18 - 22Datathon
Week 11: Mar 25 - 29Course: Topic 6 - Surprise
Tue Apr 2Final Datathon writeups, visualizations, and code due.
Sun Apr 7Celebration & Prizes Webinar at the end of which Summer Of Code 2019 Pre-Registrations OPEN

Here is a Google Calendar to which you can subscribe and which is kept up-to-date if anything changes.


Glad you asked! You will find the Winter Of Data FAQ here. please post your questions there and we will add them!

There is also a Top Secret Handbook (Psst don’t tell anyone. Seriously. It’s a secret.) in the making.


What is a datathon? It’s the combination of data and a hackathon. 😉

Call for Sponsors: Does your company have an interesting data set that can be made public? Want more eyes, hands, and CPUs/GPUs crunching numbers? Would you like to host a hackathon, data challenge, competition or idea generation? Would you like to hire amazing female engineers and data scientists? Sponsor one of the weeks and 1 Million Women To Tech will host your Datathon.

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Free courses that everyone who creates a profile has access to. We call this track Do-It-Yourself (DIY) as it is a self-service level.


Everything in DIY plus these premium courses. Gold Members receive support, mentoring, and if they choose, certificate.


Everything in DIY and Gold plus these exclusive courses. VIP Members receive priority support, small group mentoring, private coaching, certificate and in general have the most influence in all decisions as we are a small non-profit in its first year of running this program.