Organizational Memberships Overview

1 Million Women To Tech is a Members Community at its core. There are Individual and Organizational Memberships. There are three levels of Organizational Memberships which give you progressively more access and support the mission progressively more. The difference between Sponsorship and Membership is that Sponsorship is for a short period of time within a specific program (e.g. Week 11 “Augmented Reality” of Summer Of Code 2018), whereas Memberships are annual and provide year round access and influence.

1 Woman To Tech Circle (1)

Access to organizational tools at the basic level, one free job / gig post, requires mentoring or in-kind donation

1 Thousand Women To Tech Circle (1K)

All the above plus Dedicated account manager, unlimited job posts, discounts for employee training, awards, and workshops

1 Million Women To Tech Circle (1M)

All the above plus Maximum access, priority, and influence, deepest discounts on hiring, sponsorships, most visibility in PR, traditional and social media, making the mission possible



Interested in 1 Billion Women To Tech?

Looking for Unobtainium? It’s inside the Sponsorship Levels 😉