Mission Update 2019-01-25 at 10am Pacific Time via YouTube Live

Dear Learners, Sisters, Fellow Women:

This is Week 2 of Winter Of Data and welcome Every Woman to the Mission Update because the whole movement wouldn’t have started without the mission. The mission to bring 1 million women to tech by 2020. Why that? Because we have a vision for an equal world, and we want to see it in our lifetime. Do you?

There was a request to share the agenda of the meeting in advance and we thought that was a great idea.


There is always a lot of excitement, and also lots of lovely challenges with any launch. At 10am Pacific Time I and the Core Team will answer questions about:

  • Login issues: server update
  • MOC update
  • Course update
  • Datathon update
  • Memberships update
  • Mission numbers

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