Mission Update 2019-02-01 at 10am Pacific Time via YouTube Live

Dear Learners, Sisters, Fellow Women:

This is Week 3 of Winter Of Data and welcome Every Woman to the Mission UpdateThe benefit to you for attending live is that you get to voice your questions and ideas.

Note: The Google Calendar for the Winter Of Data 2019 had the wrong connection details before, it said we met on Zoom for the Mission Update. In reality, we do it in the open via a YouTube live event and chat with you throughout the whole 30 minutes.

Please check the calendar, it has been corrected now. Thank you Iova, one of the Mothers of Community for catching that and letting us know during Office Hours!

xoxo <3



There is always a lot of excitement, and also lots of lovely challenges with any launch. At 10am Pacific Time I and the Core Team will answer questions about:

  • Login issues: solved
  • MOC update
  • Course update
  • Datathon update
  • Memberships update
  • Mission numbers

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Join live or watch the replay!