Mission Update 2019-01-18 at 10am Pacific Time via YouTube Live

Dear Learners, Sisters, Fellow Women:

Tomorrow will be the second Community Update of 2019, and the first one of the Winter Of Data. We would like to call it the Mission Update because the whole movement wouldn’t have started without the mission. The mission to bring 1 million women to tech by 2020. Why that? Because I have a vision for an equal world, and I want to see it in our lifetime. Do you?

There was a request to share the agenda of the meeting in advance and we thought that was a great idea.


There is always a lot of excitement, and also lots of lovely challenges with any launch. Tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time I and the Core Team will answer questions about:

  • Login issues and how to get help?
  • What can DIYers access?
  • Gold Memberships open when, how much?
  • Why are some courses showing, but cannot be accessed? (Hint: it’s on purpose, based on the schedule of #WOD19)
  • Mothers of Community: it’s only a 4 of us to all 29,000 of you, so we can only achieve this together as women of the world. Many of you are eager to hep but unsure how to, so we will talk about a mini-course, office hours, and clear objectives
  • Mission Numbers: users on the site, number of outreach and moderation forms submitted, and donations
  • Anything else you bring to the live Q&A, or ask the Mothers of Community to bring – in case the time difference makes it hard to attend live.

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