Mentor Journey

Why we need you

Currently 1 Million Women To Tech has 30,000+ learners signed up, and a staff of four. In order to get to 1 million, we ideally need 100,000 mentors. Every person counts!


Please note this is an unpaid Volunteer position. However, upon completion of a Mentoring  program (cohort) you get:


  • Access to course materials
  • Priority to become Hiring Partners
  • Access to ongoing mentor training and skill development


  • As one of our Summer Of Code Mentors said “You learn ten times more when you teach someone.”
  • Learn best practices that will help you in your own professional work including: code reviews, pair-programming, asynchronous communication
  • Become a certified 1 Million Women To Tech Mentor 
  • Challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • Meet with other cultures from around the world, learn to work in a remote environment, in new work paradigms


  • Leave a legacy
  • Be part of an elite peer-group
  • Change the lives of 1 million women, their communities, and the world


  • At least 1 year of professional experience at a full-time, paid, software engineering or data science role
  • Bootcamp graduates and non-traditional careers welcome
  • Any gender and identification
  • High-speed internet connection supporting screen sharing, webcam and headset for pair programming
  • Awesome, kind, verbally soft and supportive communication style – remember, about 80% of Learners are beginners or self-learners
  • Amazing personality
  • Belief in the women’s cause


  • Pass the Mentors -Onboarding course (~ 1 hour)
  • Pull Request (PR) reviews on 1millionwomentotech’s GitHub (~30mins each)
  • Forum answers on Learners’ Forum ( <30mins each)
  • Pair-programming sessions and track: record, upload to 1millionwomentotech Dropbox, and submit individual evaluation (~30mins each)
  • Feedback on your experiences as mentor 
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and have self-motivated integrity and kindness in all dealings with Learners, Volunteers, and Staff

Programs you can join 

Please refer to the Master Timeline 2019 for details.


Any questions please email us at

Take the first step

Are you ready to take the first step? Then request an invite! Please use your legal name.