Mentor Organizations Journey

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Why mentor?

To get women in the door! When you sponsor, partner, or mentor with 1 Million Women To Tech you are benefitting women from 145+ countries. Not only the Learners but you, your team, your fellow employees and your whole organization benefit by:

1. Diversifying the tech space globally: lift up the technical skill of the whole planet
2. Hiring the best: see how people learn, code, and work and completely de-risk your hiring
3. Developing global recognition for your existing female technical talent: Mentoring, Speaking and Instructor spots
4. Creating opportunities for men in your organization to contribute as Allies: mentoring opportunities for men, individually, in teams, or within a corporate philanthropy program
5. Team building: philanthropic volunteering and shared experiences builds high performance teams with improved morale and communication
6. Professional development: employees learn and improve valuable soft skills while mentoring in a low-pressure environment
7. Finding meaning, leaving a legacy: because 1 Million Women To Tech is completely online, the most vulnerable populations: women, caretakers, mothers, single mothers, women of color, and women with disabilities are able to join, learn, and succeed. You WILL change lives… and the planet for the next generation.

1 Million Women To Tech (1MWTT) is a global online technology education program for women run by ABC Education, a Silicon Valley 501(c)3 non-profit educational charity. Its mission is to offer free coding education to 1 million women by Jan 1, 2020.

Two annual educational programs are open to the Learners and Mentor Organizations: the #SummerOfCode aimed to increase digital literacy, and #WinterOfData aimed to increase digital numeracy.

Two annual work experience programs are open to Learners and Mentor Organizations: the #SpringApprenticeship and the #FallApprenticeship, which are paid contract work experience for Learners, and a contract-to-hire opportunity for Mentor Organizations should they choose to do hire after the program.

1 Million Women To Tech (1MWTT) brings expertise in learn to code workshops, remote education and women’s outreach. The first #SummerOfCode (SOC) was held July 14 – Oct 14, 2018 broadcast from Oxford, UK to the world online by the Founder, Ilona Budapesti an award-winning Harvard and Oxford trained software engineer. The original plan was to reach 300 women. However, within only three months 19,951 women from 145+ countries had pre-registered and the social media following grew from zero to 160k+.

The program was able to admit all who applied thanks to the support, in-kind and monetary donations and sponsorship of the University of Oxford, Oxford Entrepreneurs, Facebook Developer Circles, Oxford University Press, the UN Technology and Innovation Lab and GitHub and 407 individual mentors who volunteered to support Learners.

Without the joint cooperation of outstanding Mentor Organizations we cannot reach the mission of bringing 1 million women to tech by Jan 1, 2020. Are you ready to leave your legacy?

How does it work?

Mentor Organizations can provide mentoring in a philanthropic way or a commercial way. In the philanthropic track the syllabus is provided by 1 Million Women To Tech, whereas in the commercial track organizations can choose the content/domain/project area they mentor for. Learners apply to Mentor Organizations as they would to jobs.

Education (philanthropic track): A company representative applies on behalf of the company to be a mentor organization. Organizations recruit potential mentors from their employees who take an onboarding course and a test based on the syllabi of the #SummerOfCode or #WinterOfData. Mentor Organizations’ and Mentors’ applications are accepted until either capacity is reached or the deadline for application closes. Learners then apply to approved Mentors through the 1 Million Women To Tech job platform, and each Mentor may make offers up to 10 Learners. Each Learner may apply to multiple Mentor Organizations but may only accept ONE Mentor’s offer. Once the offer is accepted the Mentor helps their Mentees through the courses and hackathons based on the best practices provided by 1 Million Women To Tech.

Lot more information about Mentoring can be found on the Mentor FAQ including curriculum, skills, time commitment, electronic channels, types of mentoring: code reviews, pair programming, forum, chat; and how to give feedback.

Hiring (commercial track): Similar in process to the above but the Mentor Organization chooses and defines the content of the apprenticeship. 1 Million Women To Tech can optionally develop custom curriculum. First, a company representative applies on behalf of the company to be a Mentor Organization. Organizations recruit potential Mentors from their employees who take an onboarding course. Mentor organizations offer a paid project to 1 Million Women To Tech who pays accepted Apprentices as contractors. Once the Organization is accepted Mentors discuss possible ideas with Learners, which can be an idea that comes from either the Organization or the Learner. Proposals can be in any format as long as both sides agree and 1 Million Women To Tech approves e.g.

  • a) a themed hackathon open to creative approaches,
  • b) a well-defined challenge seeking the “best” or most performant solution in a competition style, or
  • c) a well defined project such as a mobile app, a data cleaning project etc.

The organizations then decide on the proposal(s) they wish to hire Apprentices for. At the end of the Apprenticeship the Mentor Organization has the option but not the obligation to hire the Apprentice, or to continue to pay them on an ongoing contract via 1 Million Women To Tech.


Please refer to the Master Timeline 2019 for start and end dates, application steps and program details for Mentoring Organizations.

How to apply?

Step 1 – Join the upcoming Information Sessions:

Each month three Information Sessions are offered at convenient times for many time zones. Please choose the one that fits your schedule best.

      • Mentor Organizations Info Session (Americas) Jan 10, 2019 2:30 PM Pacific Time US (PST) (12:30 pm Honolulu, 3:30pm MST, 4:30 pm CST, 5:30 pm EST) – Register
      • Mentor Organizations Info Session (EMEA) Jan 10, 2019 3:00 PM Berlin CET (2pm London, 5pm Moscow, 6pm Dubai) – Register
      • Mentor Organizations Info Session (APAC) Jan 10, 2019 3:00 PM Sydney (AEDT) (1pm Tokyo JST, 9:30am New Delhi IST) – Register

The above webinar link registration pages allow you to switch the time zone to your own, as well as add the event to your electronic calendars.


  • Newest statistics on the demographic reach of 1 Million Women To Tech
  • Remaining Mentoring, Sponsorship, and Partnership opportunities
  • Clarifications on any of the subtle points requested e.g. legal, IP, contractual, philanthropic, procedural, recruitment, technical curriculum etc.

Hope to see you there!

Step 2 – Fill in an application:

The application takes only 5 minutes and asks about the Person submitting the application (Page 1 of 3), the Organization (Page 2 of 3) and Mentoring capacity (Page 3 of 3). The link to the application will be given at the end of each Information Session. There is a non-refundable $500 application fee – in case you are not accepted you will receive a Gold Membership worth $600 that you can give to any woman.

Step 3 – Submit and receive more information upon request:

Both 1 Million Women To Tech and your organization has unique touch points so 1 or 2 meetings and a series of email exchanges will take place until the optimum agreement can be reached, usually within a week of your application.

If you have any questions please email We would be thrilled to answer you.