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In March 2018 at the University of Oxford it didn’t start out as 1 million women, only 300. Our Founder, Ilona Budapesti, was heart-broken that out of 804 applicants to the Oxford Hackathon, the largest student hackathon of the UK, only 57 were women. She set out to do an all-woman hackathon and call it a Summer Of Code, hoping to attract  300 women. Going from 57 to 300 would make history, or herstory.

Instead, in the three months from April to June 2018 a total of 19,951 from more than 145 countries signed up. The mission of 1 Million Women To Tech was born and become a charitable education program of the Silicon Valley educational non-profit ABC Education. This is where You come into the picture. It is with one-hundred thousand amazing, kind, and highly skilled Mentors can the mission be truly accomplished if we try to maintain at least a 1:10 Mentor:Learner ratio. What’s best it’s all online, and can be done from anywhere in the world. Are you ready for the challenge and the growth?


Please note this is an unpaid Volunteer position, however, upon completion of a 90-day Mentoring “cohort” you get:


  • 1 year Gold Membership to 1 Million Women To Tech either for yourself or to give away into the scholarship pool (please note that only women and non-binaries qualify for Membership :P) – $599 value
  • Priority for local events
  • NEW – free job posting on for your company, organization, or project – $999 value


  • As one of our Summer Of Code Mentors said “You learn ten times more when you teach someone.”
  • Mentoring is a skill, learn best practices that you can take back to your own professional work including: code reviews, pair-programming, asynchronous communication, Five Pillars of Achievement (TM) coaching framework, Inner Coding (TM)
  • Challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • Meet with other cultures from around the world, learn to work in a remote environment, in new work paradigms


  • Leave a legacy
  • Be part of an elite peer-group
  • Change the lives of 1 million women, their communities, and the world


  • Available at least 2 hours a week for a 3-month (~90 day) cohort, there are four cohorts a year, corresponding to calendar quarters and to the 1 Million Women To Tech programs (see Programs and Master Timeline 2019)
  • At least 2 years of professional experience at a full-time, paid, software engineering or data science role
  • Passing a 2-question technical challenge in the programming language of your choice (we accept all, but preference will be given to JavaScript, Python, C#, Java in this order)
  • Bootcamp graduates and non-traditional careers welcome
  • Any gender and identification
  • High-speed internet connection supporting screen sharing, webcam and headset for pair programming
  • Awesome, kind, verbally soft and supportive communication style – remember, about 80% of Learners are explorers, beginners or early stage autodidacts
  • Amazing personality
  • Belief in the women’s cause


  1. Request Invite (link below)
  2. Attend onboarding webinar (or watch replay) – registration details, dates and times emailed to you
  3. Complete Mentor onboarding course: onboarding webinar, profile setup, skills test, non-harrasment policy, community guidelines, how-to tutorials on pair programming, code reviews and forum questions, feedback mechanism, requirements for certification, curriculum review, and anything else you need.
  4. Select Mentees
  5. Mentor: 12 pair-programming, 12 code reviews, 12 forum questions answered
  6. Receive ongoing and final feedback
  7. Receive certificate
  8. Level up

Level-ups to be had

  1. Level 1 Mentor: entry level, passed basic qualification and training, Mentoring for the first time on 1MWTT
  2. Level 2 Mentor: successfully completed at least one cohort as a Mentor on 1MWTT, and now helping Level 1 Mentors with guidance and adherence to technical and community standards for quality assurance
  3. Level 3 Mentor: successfully completed at least two cohorts as Mentor on 1MWTT and provides management overview over Level 1 and Level 3 Mentors
  4. Level 4 Mentor: all the above plus creates new exercises and content
  5. Level 5 Mentor: all the above plus speaks as Guest Speaker and teaches as Guest Instructor

There are many nuances to the Level Ups which are still being updated and worked on as the programs mature. You will be able to read the most up-to-date specifications in the internal Mentor Handbook given to Mentors who pass the onboarding requirements.


Please refer to the Master Timeline 2019 for details.


Do you have more questions about timeline, curriculum, mission, how to mentor? This and more can be found in the Mentor FAQ a living document, that accepts your questions and comments. Feedback much needed and appreciated: please remember this is a mostly volunteer-run organization by people like you, so the quality of the materials can and will be elevated by Your outflow of intelligence, creativity, and purpose.

Take the first step

When you are ready take the first step Request an Invite – make sure you choose MENTOR as your Primary Journey. 🙂 Please note: Mentors need to abide by the real name policy.


Any questions please email us at