Everything in the DIY and Gold tracks plus VIP Exclusives:

DIY benefits:

  • Free access to daily mini-videos (~2mins Mondays through Fridays)
  • Free access to replays of courses
  • Free access to DIY Group – social interaction with other women from around the world
  • Free access to DIY Forum – ask and answer technical questions related to the courses

Gold benefits:

  • Free access to all Gold Premium courses for a year: including Summer Of Code and Winter Of Data
  • Live access to the courses – if the time zone works for you then you get to interact, collaboratively code, receive feedback, and of course ask your questions, or share jokes in real-time 😉
  • Free access to Inner Coding (TM)
  • Free access to Gold Group
  • Free access to Gold Forum
  • Priority in the live Q&A
  • Priority in the course Forums for your questions
  • Support: Have an issue? Stuck in a problem-set? Unsure of navigation? Use the support ticket system and our Core Volunteers will help you
  • Certificates: Each course is 1 week long and comes with exercises. Submit your solution to them via GitHub to receive a Certificate that will showcase your skill and that you have reached a high standard of achievement.
  • Mentors: Mentors will review your certificate submissions and provide feedback, if needed as you to modify and resubmit until your homework meets the certification level. They are also available to pair-program with you, to unstuck you, or just to learn idiomatic programming conventions, give you advice, or encourage you

VIP Exclusive Benefits:

  • add VIP only benefits


Summer Of Code 2018: $2,999 per year, or $299 per month – if you signed up before or during SOC18 you are Grandmothered in at this price forever, as long as your payments are on time and you are in good standing.

Winter Of Data 2019: NOT OPEN.

See below, we will open memberships only before Summer Of Code 2019 (SOC19). $4,999 per year, or $999 one time + 11 * $499 per month.

It is likely that prices will go up with each year for new members, because we were told we are giving these away too cheaply by the non-profit and entrepreneurship business accelerators. To give you a comparison, when I used to be an Instructor at HackReactor Remote, the Harvard of bootcamps, a 12 week program cost between $15,000 – $28,000 (depending on payment plans) and students would get less live interaction with technical staff than JUST ONE of our 12 week programs. For the Gold Membership you get a WHOLE YEAR’s worth of access.

However, we recognize that HackReactor and the other larger technology course providers are much more mature, they have solid customer service, good processes, and are sophisticated. We are just a volunteer run non-profit in its first year of providing programs, so there is still a lot to mature, grow, build, and solidify until you can get a comparable “product and service”. However, I don’t like this term “service” or “product” because we are NOT selling “products or services.”. 1MWTT is based on volunteers, we don’t sell products, our goal is not to earn money, our goal is to give opportunity to millions of women in the whole world to learn, to change their career, to get an internship, a job. This is what we do. And this is how everyone should see us. See FAQ #5.

So until then we start low, and each time slowly increase prices, allowing women to be Grandmothered in at every stage so that you can stay at your current rate as long as you remain a Member.


  • Must be a woman or non-binary, we reserve the right to turn away anyone we cannot confirm or find it difficult to
  • Abide by the Community Rules, Zero Tolerance Non-Harrassment Policy, No-Unapproved Cross Promotion Policy
  • Non-Refundable Magic – In the world of hard cold cash we turn your donations into opportunities. We take soulless objects and turn them into real-deal live-changing success stories. And yes, we don’t have a refund policy for magic. See Unique Philosophy #3.

How to become a VIP Member

VIP Members are the Patron Queens of the 1 Million Women To Tech Community: only 200 active VIP Members’ dues are enough to support the free education of 1 million women world-wide, many of whom have written to us to say they don’t even have a credit card in their country (e.g. Sudan, Syria among others). HH Dalai Lama said “it will be women who will save the world.” I believe he also said something about women with education and resources, because they will have the ability and the funds to effect change. This is You, VIP Members and Prospective VIP Members.

We not accepting VIP Members at the moment, until we have enough womanpower to deliver on the benefits to our existing Members, especially making sure that all Members who joined for Summer Of Code 2018 get all their certificates for their coursework and homework submissions.

If you are interested in a Membership, please express your interest below (you need to be logged in). This interest form will be open fromMarch 8 (International Women’s Day) until the start of the Summer Of Code 2019. We will open Memberships and accept 30 new VIP Members once the current certificates have been all issued.


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