Gender Gap Datathon


A datathon is a hackathon using data. What’s a hackathon? It’s an extended period of hacking usually either with a theme or on a specific problem. As the Winter Of Data is run by 1 Million Women To Tech, an educational program of the US non-profit ABC Education, this will be your chance to do perhaps the world’s first Gender Gap Datathon. It will definitely will be the first online one, and the first 3 months long datathon.


Jan 21 – Apr 2, 2019, as per below.


The Datathon details, data sources, and judging criteria will be announced on Mon Jan 21, 2019 – Week 2 – Day 1 of the Winter Of Data 2019 on YouTube live 6:30am – 7:00am Pacific Time. Join us live! The benefit to you is that you get to ask your questions live.

Join the Announcement and Q&A Live or watch replay


The Datathon will run until the end of Winter Of Data 2019, with submissions due by Tue Apr 2, 2019 at noon Pacific Time. See the detailed calendar at


Teams of 1-4 women may join. Men are unfortunately not allowed, but may share, mentor, donate, sponsor and hire.


The announcements, and datasets will be shared via the 1 Million Women To Tech – GitHub Classroom via private group assignment. You will need up submit your data analysis and visualizations using Jupyter Notebook by sending a PR from a branch to your own master. Thus Git and GitHub basics are essential for submission. Each team member must also have a valid account where the bio and the project details must be filled in for PR purposes.


An equal world. Because 216 years is too slow to close the gender gap. Let’s see what we can do about it, and do it! Let’s see an equal world in OUR LIFETIME.


1st prize VIP Membership

2nd prize Gold Membership

3rd prize 1 Million Women To Tech t-shirt

We reserve the right to award multiple teams in each prize category if there are more excellent submissions or to not award any prizes at all if there are not sufficient quality submissions.


Interested in Sponsoring? The call for sponsors is open, please see and share the 1MWTT Sponsorship Deck.

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