Mothers of Community – Level 1

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What does it mean to be a Mother of Community? It means patience, kindness, responsibility, positive energy and smile. We are here to nurture the whole 1MWTT Community.

Onboarding form

To make sure we’re in contact please fill in the following form: MOC onboarding form. In this form you’ll be asked about your personal data like your name, contact details and also time commitment. It’s very important to fill it in! Thank you! <3


There are few rules we need to follow:

  • Zero harassment policy – please read it carefully to know what to do if it happens to you.
  • No men on our channels (exception: we accept men as mentors) – it’s not because we don’t like men 😉 it’s because we want to create safe enviroment for every woman. We don’t compete, we cooperate. If you come across any man on our channel please let the team know.
  • We are always kind to each other. Someone can have a worse day, but let’s not take it personal.
  • If you have any doubts or questions – connect with the team.

What are our main tasks?

To nurture the Community! We don’t want to leave anyone without answer, or doubts, we want everyone feel greeted and welcomed and we want to spread the word all over the world.

In the first lesson you will be able to review the responsibilities in detail. Make sure you have filled out the Contact Form above.