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Info Session


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Wed, September 5, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CEST

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Váci út 47


(Inside the White House, Hall B, 5. floor)

1134 Budapest


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Register for Free at: ****** (Dinner included for free but you must be registered via Eventbrite. Thank you from the organizers.)

Calling all Mothers! Please tell friends and family.

Learn about how you can break into technology with the #1millionwomentotech 1-Year Part-Time JavaScript Course a continuation of #1millionwomentotech #SummerOfCode, especially as they relate to career changers and those coming back from maternity leave.

The event is free but registration on Eventbrite is required as there are only 20 spots.


17:00 Doors open, networking, pizza tea and coffee served for free

17:30 Speaker 1: How I switched from Hospitality to Software Engineering – a female BlackRock developer will tell her personal story of how she became a self-taught developer.

18:00 Questions and Answers.

18:30 Speaker 2: How Women, including Mothers can change into Technology Careers with Ilona Budapesti, Chief Story Teller of 1 Million Women To Tech, a Harvard, Stanford and Oxford educated software engineer, serial entrepreneur and Buddhist ex-nun. Program plans, time schedule, childcare considerations, technology prerequisites, skill prerequisites, job opportunities, salary expectations etc.

20:00 Doors close, good bye!

What to Bring

Bring your own laptop, your questions, and a great attitude.

For Mentors

– Please bring your own personal laptop where you have admin rights to install

– Read the


If I register but cannot come, what should I do?

Please go to your email, find the Eventbrite and CANCEL your attendance. This helps the organizers to order the correct amount of food and drinks and protects financial resources that can be used for Moms in the future. If you don’t come and don’t perform the courtesy to cancel your spot it will be looked upon unfavourably in your future applications.

For any questions, please post your question to the Facebook Event or email

A Note on Childcare

If you couldn’t come because you needed childcare, would you please email us and let us know? This way we can show future sponsors and budget for how big a need there is and will make it happen! Thank you. You are amazing.

Learn about #1millionwomentotech #SummerOfCode join 19,000+ women from 145+ countries to learn to code for free and improve together.

We are sorry about the low sound volume, next time we will try to make the audio clearer and louder!

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Self-Care Week


Week 7 August 27 – 31 Self-care Week

In discussion with live attendees from the VIP and Gold Members and the Leadership Committee, it was decided that a week of break going to be inserted after Week 6 – Advanced JavaScript. You can use it to recharge, refresh, recode, or study ahead. Please note, there will be NO classes, however Discord will continue to be active!

Specifically this means that the contents of

  • Week 7, 8, and 13 changed
  • Week 9, 10, 11, and 12 remain unchanged.

Schedule Update

Week 7 was Mobile Prototyping, now it’s Self-care Week.
Week 8 was React.js, now it’s Mobile Prototyping Week.
Week 13 had no classes previously, it was just overflow time to use for the last hackathons, now the React.js Week.

Week 9, 10, 11, and 12 remain unchanged.

In short, a week break is added, mobile app moved down from week 7 to 8, and react.js moved down from week 8 to 13. That’s it. See below.

Naming credits 🙂

Virginia Balseiro Self-care week
Marta Bodojra​ Rest and empower week!
Rox Arten​ Self Grounding and Empowerment
Gillian Newton​ “Week of Sanity” “Week of Empowerment”, “Re-factor Your Code”
Krystal​ Re-Code Week?
Catch-up week (Ketchup week)
Paula Bernal Inner Coding Week
Bituin Callanta​ Recalibration Week


The first benefit of a self-care week is that you have time for yourself and your coding.

There will be **NO** classes during this week, however, you are welcome to continue on material from previous weeks or to study ahead.

The second benefit is that the deadlines of the Week 6 hackathon and the Month 2 hackathon to reflect the addition of a week’s time.

The third benefit is that Week 8 will be the mobile app prototyping week and you will have until Week 13 to giving you 5 weeks instead of just 1 week polish your mobile app, and work on your JavaScript skills before we dive into React.js. This is perhaps the greatest benefit.


Quotes from Members


Rox ArtenI am ever so grateful for the new schedule i think my brain really needs a small break from constant coding to let some of the info properly filter into place❣

Nwamaka OkaforThe break is awesome. I have so much catch up on after taking 2 weeks break

Rox ArtenI really love the community & material, I might suggest considering putting the break week between python and JS next time, It could be just me, but the gear switch when still just learning….
Gillian NewtonI agree @Rox Arten
Virginia Balseiro@Rox Arten that’s a good idea. I like it that’s right in the middle of the 12 weeks though.
Rox Artenis a bit harsh and the break would help finish off one and gear up for the other with the speed of both. Otherwise, I think what is being covered is amazing