BlackRock Women in Technology Budapest community introduction


We are not making a shocking statement with saying women are underrepresented in the STEM fields and probably the weakest spot is the technology sector. In Hungary only 15% is the ratio of female students applying for higher education in the field of Information Technology and according some statistics our representation in software engineering is around 5%.

At BlackRock we feel that we need to encourage and support women to explore their talents in the technology domain, to learn to code in order to realise the full potential of technology as well.

We strongly believe in the power of diversity. It brings new ideas, innovation and continues development to our daily work and life. Within BlackRock we have already proved that women can bring incredible success stories to technology and we’d like to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. And at the same time it is highly important to raise people’s attention to the fact that this is not a challenge where we can do a “quick fix”. While we are aiming to encourage our peers to explore and get confident in technology on one side, we also need to educate our generation how to encourage children from early childhood that they can be successful and happy in any field of their choice and there are no such thing as “jobs for girls” or “jobs for boys”.

For this purpose BlackRock already has Working groups in several offices, and the Budapest office being the newest in Europe just has started it’s Women in Tech community recently, in November 2018.


Our goal and purpose is twofold:

  • to promote technology and IT careers to women and
  • to build a strong internal and external community.

We are working to create educational and hands-on technical events and volunteering opportunities for and by our community members. Our agenda for 2019 includes programs like internal speaker series for our community, external WiT meetups, collaboration with coding schools and NGO’s to promote and teach technology to young girls and also setup internal coding training programs for our colleagues who wish to get familiar with our domain.

1millionwomentotech collab

We appreciate and welcome the idea of 1millionwomentotech, who inspire ladies with different professions and mothers who would come back to their field or would learn something new in technology and looking forward to our future collaboration for our mutual cause.

BlackRock volunteers to allocate employees who will be the enthusiastic mentors of the students of 1mwtt’s current program called Winter of Data. They will provide code reviews via GitHub in python, Javascript, data science fields and even in Java. If students have any other technical problems, like installing software across various operating systems, those would be also solved.

Get in touch with us via email and learn about our events:

Happy coding!