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Employee volunteering reduces turnover by 59%

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Dear Software Engineer, Data Scientist, CEO, CTO, CIO, CSR, HR, Social Impact, Training and Development, or Diversity Officer!

The 501(c)3 non-profit ABC Education that stands behind 1 Million Women To Tech just joined Benevity, one of the largest Employee Volunteering, and Employee Gift Matching platforms that works with corporate donors such as Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Honda, Samsung, SAP and more. So far 100,000 non-profits have received 5 Million Volunteer Hours and more than $1 Billion USD through Benevity this past year.

Goodness (combined with great technology!) has a transformative power that enables businesses to truly engage with their people, unify company culture across a global context, connect corporate values with communities in need and generate measurable business results, all while creating an indelible impact on the social landscape. It’s an “and” not an “or”…


The Call for Mentors is OPEN and available to employees. If your company has Employee Volunteering please let us know at

It’s so important to give back to the world, that many Gurus place it in the top-5 things on their list to achieve prosperity and balance.

By volunteering with 1MWTT you will get the otherwise unattainable experience of mentoring intelligent, dedicated and fun to be around women.

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Give them a chance to grow and grow with them!


If your company has Employee Gift Matching, or Corporate Giving please let us know at

Our Mission is simple and reflected in our name – we strive to provide free coding education to 1 million women all over the Globe.

Help us help them, and who knows, maybe it will result in innovation, discoveries and tech advances this world has never seen before.

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Inaction is as much a choice as action. Give back now!